Our Animals

Wallin Organic Farm offers half-pigs and whole-pigs for sale every year.

Pre-orders encouraged as supplies are limited!

- Email or call us to reserve -

How our animals are raised:

Our pigs are responsibly-raised and pasture-fed on our organic farm and are available to purchase every season. Their diets consist of organic vegetable scraps from our organic vegetable garden.

Walt is experimenting with pig breeds, but you will get a mixed breed unless you request/order a specific breed.

How they’re prepared:

We sell half-pigs and whole-pigs only.

We will deliver the whole pigs to the butcher - Sudlersville Meat Locker. Purchase of our whole or half-pigs includes you choosing your cuts from our butcher, and we deliver the pork frozen to your home, typically November.


Pigs are sold half or whole, and priced by “Hanging” weight.

Half Pigs: $4.50 / pound (Hanging weight)

Whole Pigs: $4.00 / pound (Hanging weight)

Deposit: $100 deposit is required to secure your pig.

If you would like specific cuts from your whole or half pig, you can select those from the butcher. Butcher Fees are paid by the customer, and added to your bill total. Reference our butcher’s website for processing fees, specialty cuts, and packaging.

“Hanging weight” is the carcass weight of the pig that has been cut into two halves and is “hanging” on the butcher’s rack waiting for your choice of cuts.

Happy pigs make happy pork!!!

  • Our pigs are raised on open air organic pastures on our farm.

  • Our pigs are locally grown food, by a locally grown farmer.

  • Our pig sales support local economy.

  • Our pigs eat organic garden scraps which makes for a holistic garden cycle.

See how our pigs are raised!

See how our pigs are raised!